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Being busy working parent-yogis ourselves we understand the struggle of not being able to make it to a weekly class despite our best intentions. We wish we could attend studio classes on a more regular basis but that’s just not realistic.


Time is precious and we know you don't have time to waste searching youtube for a decent class. Our online studio offers easy to navigate drop down menus sorting classes by the length of time, style of practice and the area of the body you want to target.


We invite you to join our membership!  There is no commitment, cancel anytime.


7 Reasons Becoming a A Valid Studios Member



  • Short on time?  Our class lengths vary from 10 mins to 60 mins+

  • Can’t make it to the studio as often as you’d like? Practice on your own schedule!

  • Save travel time & hassle ie. traffic, parking or who will watch the kids.

  • Involve family, lead by example for the kids. (Monkey see Monkey do am I right?)

  • Not to mention the countless HEALTH BENEFITS!  …less stress & anxiety, manage depression, sleep better, less risk of illness or disease, …

  • Increase Your Energy!! Ultimately increasing your quality of life!

  • Feel better in your body, remove stiffness and aches, improve your strength, muscles tone & flexibility!


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Aylmer, Gatineau, QC, Canada

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