We'd love to have you moving with us regularly in our

 Online Movement Studio!

7 Reasons Becoming a A Valid Studios Member



  • Short on time?  Our class lengths vary from 10 mins to 60 mins+

  • Can’t make it to the local studio as often as you’d like? Practice on your own schedule!

  • Save travel time & hassle ie. traffic, parking or who will watch the kids.

  • Involve family, lead by example for the kids. (Monkey see Monkey do am I right?)

  • Not to mention the countless HEALTH BENEFITS!  …less stress & anxiety, manage depression, sleep better, less risk of illness or disease.

  • Increase Your Energy!! Ultimately increasing your quality of life!

  • Feel better in your body, remove stiffness and aches, improve your strength, muscles tone & flexibility!


What’s Included In Our Membership? 

Guided Movement, breathe and meditation classes. Video and Audio content.

Valid Studios is Bilingual - we offer classes in English and French!


We are currently committed to bi-weekly new uploads and our goal is to increase to weekly very soon!

Who Can Join The Online Studio?

YOU! Valid Studios is meant to provide guidance and ideas for your home practice. We are not trying to replace your in studio or group experience. We see great value in attending regular guided movement classes, but it’s not always possible. 

We want to fill in the gaps! For the days when you can’t quite commit to a certain time or class on you local studio schedule, but especially for those days where you feel you don’t have any free time or just can’t get out of the house (maybe because the kids are sleeping!)… we want to support you and help you find even just a few minutes for yourself and your practice.

How Does It Work? 

Short & Sweet! 

-Select your membership of choice ( The Monthly or The Yearly ),

-Create an account,

-Enter payment info, (if you have a coupon code enter it into coupon code field)

-Click Purchase Product and you’re all set to enjoy unlimited access to your new online studio!


How Much Does It Cost?

$20CAD/month, No Commitment, Cancel Anytime

If you’re committed to the practice and/or on a budget (or just like saving money!!) consider The Yearly Membership with reoccurring annual fee of $200CAD.

How Often Can I View The Videos?

As often as you want! When you become a Valid member you get unlimited access to all the published content. All you need is a screen and an internet connection.

What Are The Membership Options?

We offer 2 membership options: The monthly and The Yearly.

The only difference between the two is the cost and frequency of billing.

When And How Will I Be Billed/Charged?

If you are a member of The Monthly your credit card will be charged on a reoccurring monthly basis as of the date you sign up. 


If you are a member of the The yearly your credit card will be charges on a yearly recurring basis as of the date you sign up. 


What Type of Yoga is Available?

We lead Hatha - Flow, Yin Yoga, guided meditations and other movement classes.

How Do I Know If I'm Doing The Moves Right?

Proper movement and body awareness are major topics in our e-mail offerings and on our Instagram  page. 

The most important thing to consider in your practice is the breath. If It suddenly shortens, becomes rapid and you experience major discomfort it’s a direct signal something isn’t right. If pain occurs and/or you have doubt, stop what your doing immediately and reassess.



What Equipment Do I Need?

No equipment is mandatory to follow along, we do however, recommend using a yoga mat.

Yoga props can be helpful for certain poses. If props are recommended for the class it will be said in the class into.